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Claude Monet, the painter, in 1898,  designed a  porcelain dinner service for his own use in his house at Giverny. Monet  painted  a simple white plate by hand with a blue edge and a yellow rim.  This has evolved into the  classic Monet dinnerware popular throughout the world. The original design was made by the now extinct  companies of Godin and Arhendfeld

In 1978, Mr Van der Kempf, curator  of  the Foundation Claude Monet, requested that  Robert Haviland & C. Parlon, the world renowned Limoges porcelain dinnerware manufacturer,  recreate,  from some pieces of the original dinner set that had been found in the attic of Monet's  house in Giverny, a dinner service true to its original shape, pattern, and colors.

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The Monet dinner service is now one of the most popular designs in the Robert Haviland and C. Parlon
 portfolio and is exclusive to the company.


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