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Outline shapes for Seignolles Limoges Dinner Services

(click on the individual shape to get a larger individual image)


Limoges can cup shape (see below for standard shapes) Limoges round cup (see below left for standard shapes)

limoges shapes can cup.jpg (40180 bytes)

limoges shape round cup.jpg (58044 bytes)
Standard Shapes  Hemisphere - cups are rounded as above (see left for standard shapes, apart from plates and Coffee Pots which are replaced by Hemisphere)
limoges shapes.jpg (214504 bytes) limoges shapes hemisphere.jpg (61357 bytes)

(click on the individual shape to get a larger individual image)



J. Seignolles Limoges Porcelain

Jammet-Seignolles is one of the oldest established porcelain manufacturers in Limoges. J. Seignolles was established in 1825 and still uses the traditional skills to produce both the classic designs of yesterday and the modern and vibrant designs of today. The company recently provided the entire 3000 piece service for the marriage of the crown prince of Spain, Felipe de Bourbon.

A message from the manufacturer - "The J. Seignolles Porcelain Manufactory places at your disposal its extensive expertise in the production of Limoges porcelain. The purest white china is manufactured and carefully selected. Yarn applicators, painters, and glazers, all of them perfectionists who love their craft and ensure that the traditions are upheld, execute the decoration from the plainest to the most complicated, from the most restrained to the most exuberant, to dress your table for every day or for the pleasure of your guests. The quality of our products and our extensive skills have been recognized all over the world and we are proud to be able to communicate, preserve and keep alive the uniqueness and the prestige of  Porcelaine de Limoges".


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