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Laguiole Steak Knives, Venus Laguiole hand made
by Jean Philip

Jean Philip Laguiole Steak Knives in a variety of natural woods

A brand new range of Laguiole steak Knives, The Venus, from Jean Philip, hand made in their workshop in Thiers. The Laguiole knives have skilfully forged blades using a high-grade stainless steel guaranteeing a very smooth  and effective cutting edge. The wood handles are riveted to the full blade of top quality Swedish steel with an outline bee motif matching the streamline design of the handle.

Available in the classic oak boxes of 6 knives - olive wood, ebony and mixed woods (Olive wood, Rosewood, Violet wood, Ebony, Boxwood, Wengé [dark African Hardwood])

Laguiole Venus steak knives made in France by Jean Philip


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Laguiole Laguiole Venus Box of 6 steak knives



Laguiole Knives

The Laguiole knife is not a company or trademark, it is a small village in Central France, part of the Auvergne. The knives are made in an area surrounding the town of Thiers, a town specializing in the manufacture of flatware and cutlery, and the small village of Laguiole.

 The origin of Laguiole knives is thought to have originated in Northern Spain from the Capuchadou a fixed knife with a wooden handle and brought into France by travellers. This knife was then improved upon to become the folding Laguiole knife of today by Jaques Calmels the son of an innkeeper in Laguiole who had served an apprenticeship in the cutlery industry. The folding knife became the knife of choice for the farmers and shepherds of the area.

All modern day Laguiole knives have the bee on the bolster. The bee signifies that Napoleon has approved and recommended the use of the product, similar to the Royal Warrant of Approval in the UK. Legend has it that Napoleon was camped near the village of Laguiole and the local people stole into the camp and presented him with a Laguiole knife. In the morning he gave the village the right to use the Napoleon bee.

Today the local industry has expanded to offer other items such as steak knives which have become very popular worldwide. The design both in its beauty and the functionality and quality of the blades make an excellent product. Added to attractive handles in silver and a variety of natural and exotic woods the Laguiole steak knife has become a firm favourite.

Beware of copies, a Laguiole steak knife is a complex item to make and can be identified by the bee, the name of origin on the blade, its weight and quality, and the authenticity and quality of the manufacturer.



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