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Krosno Drinksware and Glassware

Krosno - each piece of Krosno glassware is unique because it is individually formed by highly skilled glass blowers whose craft has been handed down through generations. This area of Poland has long been famed for its workforces skills and the quality of its glassware. Sterling silver bases are added by Broadway Silversmiths.

New!! See our range of stunning Krosno black glass with sterling silver bases

Krosno silver based shot glasses

Large Shot H 4.3" $103
Small Shot H 2.7" $99





Krosno silver based glasses

Tankard H 5.5" $183


Krosno silver based glasses
Tumbler H 6" $145



Two Krosno Decanters with sterling silver collars
Large H 12.4" $306
Small   H 9.4" $246


(not to scale)


Drinks Jug with sterling silver base with Stirrer
 H 10.2" $239  


Krosno ice buckets with sterling silver bases
Large H 7.5" $381
Small H 5.9" $292



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