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Robert Haviland & C. Parlon     Seignolles Jean Philip       Valpeltro Robbe & Berking    Broadway Montbronn
Unique Designs
Designer Dinnerware
  Nall Tuscia
  Rambaud Byzance
  Sidoti Chandigarh
   Sidoti Coromandel
   Zoe Pauwels
Chine Range 
Galaxy Range
Giverny Range
Mozart Range 
Recamier Range 
Charger Plates
Unique Designs
Designer Dinnerware


Designer Dinnerware commissioned by C. H. Field Haviland of Limoges 

Designer Dinnerware and porcelain gifts by leading designers and artists -Rambaud, Zoe Pauwels, Leonard, Sidoti and Nall

Edouard Rambaud

Designer of international repute with many prestigious commissions for furniture. Renowned for his baroque jewelry.

Arielle de Brichambaut

French artist and designer of dinnerware services for leading restaurants, hotels, and porcelain manufacturing companies.



Fred Hollis known as Nall was born in Alabama  but now spends much of his time in Vence where he has established a foundation of art. 


Established French designer based in Paris with many commissions from leading companies










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