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Robert Haviland & C. Parlon     Seignolles Jean Philip       Valpeltro Robbe & Berking    Broadway Montbronn

German Sterling Silver Flatware, Arcade by Robbe and Berking

German Sterling Silver flatware, Arcade - enhance your table with this vibrant and beautiful design, an excellent choice for sophisticated dining. A delicate V-shaped band, either in gold or silver, runs along the gently curved handle.
All silver is hallmarked to guarantee 925 sterling silver quality. Silver plate flatware is made from the more valuable 150 g massive silver plate, signified by the mammoth on the hallmark, not with the normal 90 g silver plate.

Pattern is available until at least 2040. All sterling silver and silver plate flatware is dishwasher safe.

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  German Sterling Silver Flatware, Arcade by Robbe and Berking

Arcade, sterling silverware




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Arcade 5 piece set: table knife, table fork, dessert fork, dessert spoon, coffee spoon

  table spoon 21cm  

  table fork 20.2cm

  table knife 23.5cm

  steak knife 23cm

  dessert spoon 18.5cm  

  dessert fork 18.2cm  

  coffee spoon 14.8cm

  dessert knife 21.4cm  

  moka/expresso spoon 10.3cm  

  cheese knife 20.5cm  

  butter spreader 15.6cm  

  vegetable server spoon  23.1cm  

  vegetable server fork 23cm  

  soup/broth spoon 15.1cm 

  carving knife & fork 25 cm & 22.8cm 

  soup ladle 27.5cm  

  pie server 23.5cm  

  pie knife 26cm  

  salad serving set 18cm 

  sauce ladle 17.5cm 

  fish fork 17.5cm 

  fish knife 21cm


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