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Monogrammed Dinnerware
Monogrammed Dinnerware hand decorated on your choice of our superb porcelain dinnerware. Add your company logo or your personal monogram, see below some examples of the monograms available - the choice is yours (expand pictures for better view of monogram)

 Why not have your own monogram or company logo added by hand to any of our dinnerware collections - the price is reasonable for such a unique item.

monograms.jpg (234389 bytes)

We do not price this product direct on the internet  because of the individual choice and customization but the cost for monograms only (not crests)  is outlined below. Contact us at Customer Service for a quote,


Number of Items Single color, mat gold or platinum Dishwasher safe gold
1-14 $83 each $98 each
15-44 Base price of $375 + $35 each Base price of $564 + $42 each
45 plus $35 each $42 each

*note - this price is for the monogram only, the dinnerware price is additional









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