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Fine French crystal stemware by Cristallerie de Montbronn

Cristallerie de Montbronn, established in the heart of the traditional crystal making industry in France since 1930 produces some of the most beautiful crystal in the world using the traditional methods of hand cutting to bring you the finest in classic French designs.  Only the highest quality lead crystal, 24%, is used which provides an unmatched purity and brilliance.

The cased crystal is available in dark red, pink, navy blue, sky blue, dark green, pastel green, amber, clear and amethyst with gold or platinum highlights (see below for colors, shapes and sizes), and the clear crystal with gold or platinum motifs and rims (scroll down for classic stemware shapes).

Hock (cased) - range of colors available (shown here Staccato)

dark red, pink, navy blue, sky blue, dark green, pastel green, amber, amethyst. and clear
Range of Hock (cased) shapes and accessories
Hock (Cased) Sizes and Capacity
Description Height   Diameter Top   Capaciity
Hock Water Goblet
220mm 8.6"
94mm 3.7"
31cl 10.5 fl oz
Hock Red Wine
211mm 8.3"
90mm 3.5"
 22cl 7.4 fl oz
Hock White Wine 
186mm 7.3"
84mm 3.3"
20cl 6.7 fl oz
Hock Liquor Glass 
112mm 4.4"
50mm 1.9"
4cl 1.3fl oz
Hock Champagne Glass 
226mm 8.9"
58mm 2.3"
12cl 4 fl oz
High Ball Tumbler 
131mm 5.1"
77mm 3.0"
34cl 11.5 fl oz
Old Fashioned Tumbler
89mm  3.5"
79mm 3.1"
30cl 10.1 fl oz
Brandy Glass
105mm  4.1"
Top 61mm
Body 85mm
Top  2.4"
Body 3.3"
25cl 8.4 fl oz
Vodka Shot Tumbler
80mm 3.1"
41mm 1.6"
5.5cl 1.9 fl oz
Wine Decanter with stopper
390mm 15.3"
Body 108mm Body 4.2"
75cl 25.3 fl oz
Whisky Decanter with stopper
243mm 9.5"
100x100mm 3.9x3.9""
75cl 25.3 fl oz


Classic stemware shapes for clear crystal with gold inlay



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