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Luxury dinnerware, Brunelleschi by J. Seignolles 

Brunelleschi - Venetian architect, artist, scuptor and goldsmith - famous for the daring and original ideas behind his projects (such as the Cupola of the Duomo in Florence) and for the way in which he harmoniously re-elaborated the forms of classical architecture according to the new spirit of his age. This design with the emphasis on mat gold pays homage to those skills



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Pattern Description Price


Brunelleschi 5 piece place setting (1 of each) -  dinner plate, dessert plate, bread & butter plate and teacup & saucer   $613.00

  6 piece place setting (1 of each) - dinner plate, dessert plate, bread & butter plate , rim soup plate and teacup & saucer  $769.00

  Buffet Plate 30.5cm   $232.00

  Dinner Plate 27cm  $156.00

  Dessert Plate 22.5cm  $147.00

  Salad Plate 19.5cm  $132.00

  Bread & Butter Plate 16.5cm   $117.00

  Rim Soup Plate 22.5cm  $156.00

  Deep Soup Plate 19,5cm   $173.00

  Cereal/Salad Bowl 15cm $156.00

  Consomme Cup and saucer   $341.00

  Fruit Saucer 14cm   $117.00

  Spaghetti Plate 24cm   $173.00

  Soup Tureen   $1550.00

  Covered Vegetable Dish   $1240.00

  Salad Bowl   $622.00

  Gravy Boat    $496.00

  Pickle Dish   $232.00

  Oval Platter 36cm   $496.00

  Oval Platter 42cm   $695.00

  Round Flat Dish 32cm   $466.00

  Hollow Dish 30cm   $496.00

  Baker Oval   $496.00

  Rect Cake Platter 37cm   $543.00

  Cake Platter with handle 28cm   $543.00

  Tart Platter 31cm   $466.00

  Coffee Pot 12cups   $575.00

  Coffee Pot 6 cups   $496.00

  Sugar Bowl   $341.00

  Creamer   $232.00

  Coffee Cup (10.5cl) & saucer   $179.00

  Large Coffee Cup (19cl) & Saucer   $200.00

  Tea Cup (17cl/5.7floz) & Saucer   $193.00

  Breakfast Cup (35cl) & Saucer   $232.00

  Extra Large Breakfast Cup (67cl) and Saucer   $310.00

  Mug (29cl)   $147.00

  Teapot 12 cups   $622.00

  Egg Cup 12cm   $107.00

  Salt and Pepper Shaker   $216.00

  Oval Fish Dish 61.5cm   $2170.00


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